Best Cardiologist In Pune

Dr. Ajit Mehta is Heart Specialist In Pune. a very good experience. very friendly and helpful doctor. would really recommend, it was a very smooth journey throughout. I have personal experience with him as a Good Doctor working in Jehangir Hospital. He is a Good Cardiologist

Rahul Dube

Best Cardiologist In Pune

“It indeed it gave me a great pleasure when I met you. It made me proud that you are a cardiologist at Jahangir hospital, Pune. It makes me very happy observing your ability, capacity, attitude, behavior and concern toward patients. Your ever smiling face soothes patient instantly and makes him secured 100%, happier 50% and becomes more confident once he communicates with you. Your nature is absolutely fantastic. It does not only appear that you are treating patients with your knowledge but with the wisdom acquired over the years. Your way of treatment is self-explanatory that you are acquiring updated knowledge about your occupation and environment, science and new technology regularly. When I met you on the 2nd Feb. 2017, you approached us cordially and in an enthusiastic manner, it assured me that I am in safe hands, There was no sign of tiredness and fatigue, you were fresh as blossom.Your handling of patient explains to the patient that you are not only a doctor who treats but a friend in need, philosopher and guide to show the way forward after recovery. There is never hurry or anxiety to finish the job earlier. But your dedication is quite appreciable. I do not know your wife well enough but she has made a better choice for you. Your parents must be proud of you, please keep it up. May God bless you with long life, good health and wealth
The wealth is necessary but I pray to the ALLMIGHTY that you join the Hall of fame of Late Dr. Mandake, Dr. Bhatttacharya, Dr. Panda one day.”
Mohan Krishna Butala

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